Grow your business by constantly tracking the progress of your daily sales


Business Growth Planner & Tracker

A CEO's Essential Tool to Plan & Track Daily Sales

Plan your revenue and profit for one year from now. Set goals based on quarter, month, weekly and daily basis. Track the marketing, sales and profit growth everyday.

Most of the time, you run a business for so long and when you look back,

the profits aren’t rising as you expected, and you seem to have made a mess with the inflow of abundant data of leads and clients.

The outcome – you can’t look back and analyse what, where and why the results went unpleasantry.

Business Growth Planner & Tracker is the Solution!

“Business Growth Planner & Tracker is a prerequisite to track and grow your business, extending from a single day to a year and beyond."

- Subilal. K, Author, Entrepreneur, and Business Automation Expert


  • Setting profit and turnover goals
  • Creating marketing pitches
  • Tracking day-to-day lead generation and conversion
  • Tracking weekly, monthly and quarterly signs of progress
  • Retrospective of a year's progress by the end

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Quarterly Goal Planner

  • Write down the annual revenue goal
  • Write down the revenue goal of every quarter
  • The quarterly goals will be reviewed after every quarter
  • This will keep reminding you always to achieve goals
  • Big goals are achieved by breaking it down

Daily Goal Tracker

  • Write down every day leads flow and sales conversions
  • Calculate the revenue facilitated every day
  • Track the progress on daily basis
  • Get the sales manager remarks every week while review
  • Use the data to improve further activities and results

Most businesses spend too much money and gain results below their expectations.

But they don't know this secret…

Digital Marketing and other lead generation tools bring you more leads, and

you may qualify and close-sell a certain percentage of them. But, what happens after that??? 🤔

You reach a certain point and wonder why your process no longer gets the desired outcome. And the worst part, You Can't Find Out HOW or WHY?

This is why we have introduced this product called –


If you genuinely want to grow your business, you SHOULD make this premium quality tracker book a part of your company's daily work practices.

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