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A new Bvlgari Hotel is scheduled to open in Paris, in 2020. Following the opening of Beijing and Dubai in 2017, Shanghai in 2018, Moscow and Paris in 2020 the Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts collection will grow to eight properties, including Milan, London and Bali.

The Hotel will be located at 30 Avenue George V. This Avenue forms with the Champs Elysees and the Avenue Montaigne the famous “Triangle d’Or”, one of Paris’ most exclusive and distinctive areas offering a wealth of luxury shopping, entertainment and cultural attractions.의성순천 안마방상주출장샵상주어깨통증 마사지☷상주코스프레 안마방✍「상주베이징 안마방」상주일산 안마방➸상주세부 안마방ロ상주강남 안마방 내상┚상주셀룰라이트 마사지◐장흥안마방 처음출장부르는법상주출장샵24시출장샵상주금촌 안마방❤상주자궁 마사지♯【상주모텔 출장마사지】상주타이 아로마 마사지ヤ상주안마방 avi”상주신천 안마방☭상주안마방 cctv┧상주출장샵상주시엠립 밤문화 마사지상주교대 마사지╖상주마사지 출장♪「상주출장샵강추」상주지저분한 섹스 나고야 여성 마사지➴상주 마사지➳상주홍콩 안마방┪상주안마방 시스템╅상주아가씨 출장상주예약예약금없는출장샵상주안마방 출장☃상주스킨쉽 마사지✕﹛상주피로회복 마사지﹜상주온천장 안마방➻상주해운대 출장♗상주휴게텔 안마방 차이♟상주제주 마사지⇪상주안마방 24시간예약양평포항 안마방이천안마방 콘돔칠곡강서구 안마방상주출장샵

The Bvlgari Hotel Paris will offer 76 rooms, most of them suites, and a full range of luxury facilities including a spa with a 25-metre pool and a Bvlgari restaurant and bar opening to a charming courtyard garden.

The Bvlgari Hotel Paris is being designed by the Italian architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, and the renowned Parisian architects Valode & Pistre.

The restyling of the building has been conceived as a transition to modernity: while both the use of the typical Parisian limestone and the respect of the ‘alignment’ criteria recall the 19th century Haussmanian urban patterns, the completely renewed façade evokes a rationalistic style that is an expression of the most contemporary architectural design.

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On a private street between Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, La Scala and the Accademia di Brera, in a tastefully renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo is Bvlgari Hotel Milano, situated in the cultural and commercial heart of a city that, behind its austere façades, hides delightful and unexpected courtyards and green spaces...


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Located in Knightsbridge on the edge of Hyde Park, London’s Bvlgari Hotel is both a haven of calm in the centre of the city and yet under a minute’s walk from such landmarks as the famous Harrod’s department store. Since opening in 2012 the Bvlgari has set new standards among the luxury hotels of the British capital...

평창실제 안마방

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Bvlgari Resort Bali is located in one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, a veritable emblem of the tropical exoticism of the Orient, combining the breathtaking beauty of unspoiled nature of Bali beach resorts with a sophisticated contemporary design born from the encounter between traditional Balinese forms and high Italian style...