Hi, I am glad you made it here to know more about me. I am just an average person, and there is nothing special about me.  If you’re looking for something like that I may disappoint you. Since I was born in a poor family, I had all the reasons to grow in life so that I can take care of my family and can set a strong foundation for my offsprings to fly high. Maybe since I had got an opportunity to serve the nation in uniform, as a sailor In Indian Navy, I may have little more patriotism. That’s the only difference you may see in me.

Personal Life

I was born in a small town called Thripunithura in Kerala, the God’s Own Country. My father was a Bus Driver and mother was a Nursing Assistant. At about 04 years, we have moved to Thrissur where I did my schooling. Later built a house at Guruvayoor, the temple town, and my parents and brother got settled there. I have moved back to Thripunithura, recently, to continue my business ventures. I live with my wife and kids.

I have a great passion towards technology. I keep learning and experimenting new things. I love to read self help books, fiction, technology and spirituality. I find myself engaged in writing blogs whenever I get into deep reading. Presentation and Training are my other passionate activities. I love Yoga & Meditation, and very fond of healthy lifestyle. I love playing cricket.

My education has been from distant universities and have studied BBA and Executive MBA in IT & Entrepreneurship. I am certified by Google and Hubspot in Digital and Inbound Marketing. I have certifications on .Net Development, Database Administration, Server Administration and Networking. As the life goes on the certifications will continue.

My Entrepreneurial Journey 

In 2013, I was appointed in CNAMS, an IT Unit in India Navy. It was my dream since I joined the force. But unfortunately, in early 2014, I had an issue with one of my superior officer and I was thrown out of the development team. It was like the end of my life and career. My passion started working then and I made my first application ‘Aey Auto’ on Android platform being at home, self-learned and coding at night times. In 2015, it was published and was widely accepted. In 2016, me and a partner together started Dreamster, now it is Dreamster Software Innovations Pvt Ltd. Going forward, in 2017, Door2Cinema Media Productions Pvt Ltd started for film maniacs and in 2018, Deva Gyan Business Studio LLP is formed where i currently work. In 2019, Zoffar Shop Tech Pvt Ltd, my dream project, has begin to develop  and Prayaana Collective Ventures Pvt Ltd has started its operations. Also the training entity named Daily Skills is also moving together. In 2020, a brand of Ayurveda products, ‘Devamsh’ is launched.

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