Almost everyone needs a job to survive and dreams big money too. But before taking up a job, it is important to know a few things. Let us discuss a few.

1. Your passion and your job

Are you passionate about doing something? Is that the same you want to grow your life into? Is it connected with your job?

If you’re going to work on something which is not your passion, that particular time you will be out of your personal adorable moments. For example, you will start your working hours just for it to end and thus you will loose a great part of your life. Some cases are like, your passion cannot be taken as a job or you have received an undeniable salary package and you badly need that, in those cases go ahead with it till you reach a point of financial stability to divert to passion. Usually it is seen that we set our lifestyle according to our salary and later we can’t leave that job because we have a fixed expenses of that much.

2. The type of job

What type of job you need? Travelling, on field, white collar, teaching etc.?

You must be very clear about your own likes and dislikes. I have a few friends who love to work on machines but hate to work on computers. At the same time I know a few people exactly opposite to that. So you must choose according to your likes and dislikes so that you will stick on for long. Promotions and increments are usually provided to people who stick long.

3. Your expertise

How capable you are to perform in that job position you are applying for? Are you a beginner or an expert in that?

You may have a financial requirement of $1000 per month, but you can create an output of just $100 a month. There is no logic of comparison here. In that case, you need to give time to yourself. Adhere to one skillset or profession so that you grow to that expert level to draw that salary you actually need.

4. Trust and commitment

How trustworthy you are? Are you joining to learn about it and start the same business of your own?

The person who will be interviewing you will easily catch it. There has been situations people manipulated their employers in so many ways. Many new businesses are started by people who has worked as an employee for long periods. Hence these days employers are very vigilant about such people and they don’t like them at all.

5. What is your net worth?

Do you know what is your net worth? Do you know what you are capable off? Can you commit to reach targets at any cost?

No employer hires you to just feed you. They hire an employee with pre-defined goals and is for growing their business. Before you show up, you need to be very sure about your capability and commitment to reach the targets. Bigger your expectations on salary, bigger your responsibilities will be. You must expect a salary based on that, and if you consistently achieve that, your position will be made permanent. Sometimes people crack interviews and joins at high salaries. But eventually when they fail to achieve the targets, they gets fired.

6. Attitude and Character

Do you like to be with bad people? Have you imagined to be a good team player?

Last, but the most important point. Nobody loves to be with bad people, so is like every organisation. Every employer wants good people in their team. So you need to cultivate good manners and a good attitude to be accepted by other team mates too. The first point every HR looks for is the attitude of the candidate, and rest everything comes after that only.


The above points are just a few, but you must clearly know these and must follow. More than you’re getting a job, the company have plans to utilise you to generate profit.and that is what you must understand well. You can remain to feel safe only when you help them achieve it. So think from the employer point of you always before you apply for a job.

Good luck !

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