Mr. Robert Kiyosaki illustrates in his cashflow quadrant about the necessity of a system for revenue generation. He also defines what a business and a self employment is. Most of the new age entrepreneurs are glorified artisans, those who posses good skills and high levels of confidence. When they expect the same from employees especially towards result, they are being a little more optimistic. Because the employees are working for salary and not for their dreams.The employees must be told what is expected from them with clear measures and the way to achieve it, even with pre-defined goals. With bypassing the efforts to create such an impeccable system, the entrepreneurs are creating a self employment model and asking their employees to replicate, which always fails.

An example of high level employee induction program

The above image and the text on it are really meaningful considering the above scenario we discussed (look it again), in which they should work towards direct results. But we must admire that the new employee induction program that must have been given which told him clearly what is his job and how to do that. May be they have forgotten to consider the different circumstances as in the image. An entrepreneur must design a system that works towards the goal and then make it powerful with manpower, not being a self employed ‘solopreneur’. When an entrepreneur takes that effort to define a system, all of the people in the team will speak same language and the predecessors will automatically make the new people familiar with the system. The character of the organisation remains unique and when a new customer comes in he can easily connect to every person he meets in a progressive manner, around the world.

Lord Krishna controlling the chariot of Arjuna in Kurukshetra war

In the famous Mahabharat’s Kurukshetra war, we have seen Lord Krishna controlling the chariot of Arjuna with four horses. Imagine a situation that the Lord Krishna was not there and Arjuna had to control each horse himself. In that case, the entire Pandavas would have failed the war. A business is also like that. The plan and game needs to be designed, and right staffing needs to be done with a clear cut action plan and job description.

Initially all these may sound rubbish, but open your eyes and see, all the big ventures or organisations stand upright only because of their systems, not individuals or huge profits they made. The time to start the effort is not once you have started getting the profits, because the profit you already made is a result of self employment, and to continue that or grow more, you will need to work more. Hence, from the day 1 you must focus on building a system, which works towards your goals.

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