Obscene and vulgar ads are very frequently appearing on the IRCTC ticket booking app. This is very embarrassing and irritating.” Tweeted Mr. Anand Kumar against Indian Railway recently. The reply to this by railways had gone viral, and it was just that the vulgarity Mr. Anand Kumar was watching came from the result of his own search keywords, taken by Google Ads.

In the above case, limited knowledge of Mr. Anand Kumar had backfired him. But, there is something which we didn’t notice. Almost, all the pages with those ad networks integrated, Mr Anand was watching ads in the same or similar genre. If he has been watching this for over a period of time, you can imagine how his mind might got tuned to pornography or such vulgarity. Later he may not be able to control his mind over the women he meets in real life, and this may lead to a situation which we can’t even imagine.

Are you politically biased these days?

Just have a look into yourself, since when you started to take a side, what influenced you most in that shift. Had social media influenced you somewhere is developing these deep emotions? You either support PM Mr. Modi or hate him, either of these is not decided by the real facts and chosen by you. Happens !

The beauty of this feature is that you can use the same for our own good. I shall take you through a small process to do this, which even you can do to hack your child’s thought process, for good.

  1. Visualise what you want to master in few months down the line.
  2. Prepare the list of things you must learn or update everyday to achieve the above.
  3. Search for those topics and engage yourself in the very relevant content pertaining to the first two steps, you can also follow some genuine pages or blogs or channels.
  4. Observe the auto recommendations coming to you; it started working if that is changing towards the topics you looked for.
  5. Never entertain or look for irrelevant topics in your feeds or searches.
  6. Unfollow the irrelevant recommendations or you can even mute in statuses or block the pages.
  7. Watch yourself being attracted by the content you have loved to be showered with.

Persistence is the key to win this game. In case you need to look for some other content without breaking the flow, you can use a different browser that too in incognito mode.

By tuning, your social media or Google search, you can develop a great internet atmosphere which may help you grow in the exact way you want to. As we always try to avoid bad associations, we can also attract what we feels right and interesting.

To know more about these kind of tips, you can personally contact me or comment here.

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