Soldiers are not born, they are trained, groomed, transformed to be one. In the battlefield, they have to fight vigorously, mercilessly till their last blood or breath so that they can fly their flag up. Thousands of men act impeccably in a synchronised way to accomplish the mission. How is that achieved? Imagine what will happen if you can lineup your team on a mission to achieve the business goals ! Let’s have a look at the process of making a soldier.

01. Icebreaking

The people in forces join from various parts of the country, who speaks different languages, belongs to different culture, different educational background and even different physical fitness levels. The first step is to empty the cup. The first day starts with a zero hair cut, and by end of the day, they will loose their consciousness about their looks and background. They are put together in groups of people from different backgrounds so that they learn the common language out of necessity to communicate even for basic needs. They all will be put under very high physical training and rigour that they all grow an attitude to survive at any worst conditions. By end of the training period, they all will be alike, with a new character, identity of a Soldier.

It is important for a business to do ‘icebreaking’, not intense as defence, to their newly joined team members. Generally the process is known as ‘New employee induction program’. The process needs to be planned keeping in mind that the desired outcome must be a new character of an employee with a vision aligned to the business itself.

02. Technical Skills

Once the foundation is laid, next is to work on their intelligence. The soldiers are trained first and then put onto practices so that they can apply learned technics to operate. This develops their knowledge on the system, operational methods and mission of the enterprise. The terminology, standard operating procedures, general precautions, remedial measures on unexpected hazards etc must be trained to everyone in both the forces and businesses. It helps in so many ways, and that defines the robustness of the organisation.

Once the training on basics is over, the people are to be taken through the relevant professional topics. In depth knowledge is though required, the armed forces follow segmented training method i.e. Educating the basics and putting them to do the practicals on the job, and providing advanced training after a sufficient period to become an expert. In every business a staff can be employed in a specific role, and once he becomes an expert of that, he can be trained further to be a master of his forte, the way forces use their men to become a COMMANDO, MARCOS or GARUD. There is no use in giving the entire training all at once.

03. Practicals

Theory and practical are different ballgame. We usually see people who score good in theory may not be the ones who show exemplary technical skills. Armed forces teach part syllabus first followed by On Job Training. Then they are appointed on production units. Small steps but great expertise is expected to be developed from each of them. From this period which may vary from 01 to 05 years, the attitude and abilities of everyone comes into light. In that time they are called for advanced courses depending on the performance points they have achieved.

In a business it is very important to assign right duties to the right people, else it will make financial liabilities. They must be assigned with clear objectives to be achieved and depending on their performance they can be nurtured for future to grow as a team lead or may be the head of department. Their technical ability as per theory needs to be tested every time.

04. Targets

Bigger the challenge, more interesting the game will be. Not just games, everywhere the trend is same. The people with right sportsmanship, can achieve any goals assigned to them. They will keep sharpening their axe. Unless we give the challenging targets, the game would be boring for them. It is highly appreciated if they achieve the challenging targets, but more to that we can learn about their attitude. People who doesn’t like challenging targets needs to be replaced immediately. In defence the low performance comes under scrutiny immediately as there are so many selection processes to identify the key achievers and role players, only the performing people are given important appointments.

In businesses that option is likely not there, however they can be restricted from promoting to higher levels. A business can scale and grow only if the frontline is strong and aggressive. It is better to avoid the people in frontline who are not able to achieve the target lines.

05. Patriotism

What if he leaves you when he realises that he is capable of bringing results? Yes, this is not the last, this is the most important attribute of a soldier. He considers his country first, even before self. That must be his driving force, not mere salary or facilities.

In a business, if you can achieve to develop this loyalty in your team, you did half the job. Next is just to play, it will be fun to explore. This is quite a difficult job for a businessman. First he needs to find out what he can achieve to develop this loyalty in his team, and how he can retain and nurture it. Once this is identified, a very clear and structured process has to be defined to achieve this. Mock trials need to be run before making it public and people should never feel like they are being pulled.


These are the days, a business is nonetheless than a war, needs it’s soldiers to achieve the desired goals. The powerful will win but the one will definitely surpass every eventualities with determination n courage. Hence employing right people with right attitude is very crucial for every business. There is a soldier and business man in every human being, nurturing the necessary traits defines the future. People have very less options, but forces and businesses can give them the options. When you give, they will accept it whole-heartedly.


Kindly share your opinion about the article. Thank You. If you need any guidance a build a team like this, you can connect me.

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  1. Chandra Vadhana R. January 12, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    Great Analogy! Business is indeed a war and we need war strategies and excellent soldiers !

  2. Sarin C P January 12, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    You are a Hero Bro… Wish all success in your life…


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