How can someone compare life of a Soldier and a Business Man ! If you know both of them very well, there are so many ways they are supposed to be alike and there are so many ways to be extremely different.

Here I am mentioning just 5 points which both of them are alike or they should be.

01. Quality of the individual

The Soldiers safeguard our borders, and the Business men safeguard our economy. There is no life without freedom and so is about money. Both of them are equally important for a country. When it comes to the quality of a country, or a team, the quality of every individual matters. To ensure the nation is having the best of both depends on two extremely different factors:

a. The HR management of Armed forces.
b. The ecosystem for business owners.

We’ll get into both of these later, right now let’s see what we need in common of them.

2. Discipline

The Armed forces are known for highly disciplined routine for their men. Irrespective of their rank and nature of duty, everyone is supposed to follow same routine in the entire force. It is like “One for all and All for One“. That is the unique bond between the soldiers, because even if they belong to any command or any regiment, they know how and what is to be done at any given point of time or situation.

For a businessman, it is not defined unless he decides to make one like the forces. He is the Boss in his business and he has got flexibility and freedom, unfortunately that is the biggest curse. He has to take real extreme effort to build a routine which can be applied to the whole team. Moreover, he himself has to follow it. Though it is a one time effort, further improvisations may be required time-by-time. Discipline builds future.

03. Training

From the very first day, to the last day of a soldier, it is written and prepared what all training he will undergo in his service time. All the trainings are very well organised and systematic. That ensures the growth of him in various levels such as his technical expertise, professional competency, supervision capability, documentation awareness etc. It is thus the forces tune people from very diversified culture to one. It also becomes easy later to monitor their performance based on common parameters.

In a business, if we need the entire team to play like a team, the training is very important. The training plans has to be prepared in advance and the entire curriculum needs to be prepared. Defining the teams and their potential capabilities can help to design a training program. Always there is a parallel approach i.e. one for their professional capabilities and one for their inter-personal relations. Once these are aligned, there is just a need of monitoring system.

04. Attire and Etiquettes

Men of forces are uniformed. It plays very important role in the structural management of the forces. The attire resembles the person’s professional and personal rank & attitude to an extent. Etiquettes in defence is not just expected, it is demanded. If the soldiers doesn’t grow to show the proper mark of respect, he cannot be expected to follow commands in the battle field. Hence in defence, there is a proper penalty system defined, and everyone is aware of that.

Business is a prestigious deal. Attire and etiquettes cannot be compromised at any given time. Hence it demands the businessman to train himself or take assistance to follow universally accepted general rules and standards. The same has to be cultivated in his team as well, to ensure all of them understand the unique ways of communication and celebrations. When it comes to Multi national companies, it will help the team to interact easily.

05. Planning & Monitoring

Armed forces doesn’t work without a plan. Even, they plan very well enough for a decade sometimes. While planning, there are various mathematical and psychological elements considered to define the outcome. Without a plan, such a huge organisation cannot exist just like that. Operational plans and mock exercises are also part of strategies.

A business must be half the plan, and half the execution. For a businessman, though it is quite difficult to predict the future, he may need to take decisions based on data or assumptions. A well-equipped plan is always a driving force for a business. A businessman may be working on the plan in the beginning and later we can find him being involved in executing it. While he is involved in execution it is rarely seen them validating the plans. So a good plan is very important for a business before beginning the execution.


There are lot more similarities between the armed forces and businesses. Armed forces have such a strong system which runs independent of personal traits. It is a way of life, hence the people once into that always carries the culture with them. For a business it is very important to develop one like that. Likewise, as businesses function, based on the productivity and profitability, armed forces can implement the result-oriented task management. Understanding each other and adapting the suitable methods can improve both the enterprises.

Thank You for reading and kindly send me your valuable opinions.

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  1. Manoj Kumar January 12, 2020 at 1:07 am

    Very well elaborated the traits of a military man and a business man……

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  3. Pratap Singh Shekhawat January 12, 2020 at 5:35 am

    Very well articulated…

  4. Gopinath Thekkethara January 13, 2020 at 5:41 am

    Good one, Subi. Looking forward to more from you 🙂


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